It’s that time of year again…..

That time when my seasonal affect disorder makes it’s annual appearance. After 2 days of chilly rainy dreary days my body, actually my mindset decided that maybe it was time to go into hibernation. Time to put on my baggie comfy clothes and slip into a bowl of comfort food chased down with a big mug of hot cocoa. Instead of taking the easy way out and giving into my frosty mood I choose to put on my workout clothes and head to the gym.

The one constant in my life regardless of mood, weather, health, time, and money are my workouts. Working out is like my version of instant sunshine, you can not beat the rush of energy, excitement, power, and happy feelings that you get from any workout, even the not so great workouts. I am always happy after I have moved my body even if it’s a quick workout that wasn’t all that intense  I still feel better than when before my workout even if I give into those cravings for comfort foods I know not to beat myself up because I am not giving into the thoughts of snuggling up with my dog. I always choose to make exercise my priority. I do my best not to give into those cravings by creating recipes for healthier versions of my favorite comfort foods.
So the next time you are feeling gloomy, mopey, lazy, and blah force yourself to put on your sneakers or roll out your yoga mat and just move. Tell yourself that you are going to do something for 10 minutes then re-evaluate. If after 10 minutes you are not feeling better then give yourself 10 more minutes and see how you feel. I can guarantee you that your attitude will change and you will feel invigorated and energized.
Tell me what is your favorite way to recharge and reignite your attitude on yucky dreary days?