It is possible


Struggling has always been a major part of who I am. In 2007 I was in a horrific car accident leaving me paralyzed from the chest down. I put on a brave face and didn’t give up outwardly but inwardly I didn’t care anymore. Kellie came into my life at the end of October 2013. She became my trainer and life coach. Kellie totally surprised me. We discussed what I wanted to accomplish and what was important in my life. She looked at all of me and all parts of my life.

I started this journey as just another try at a hopeless war that I was loosing. Today my confidence is higher than it has ever been. I feel I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. Anything is possible. All of this wasn’t possible without Kellie.

Donna M.

I decided I needed one-on-one help. My goal was to get completely fit and healthy, with a sustainable plan that made sense and I could follow every day. Given the state I was in, that meant changing my lifestyle in order to achieve the transformation I had always hoped for. Knowing my goal, friends recommended Kellie who had undergone her own amazing transformation. After meeting her the first time, I knew it was a good match. I really believe if you are going to “talk the talk”, you first need to “walk the walk”.

It’s the accountability, support, and motivation that has put me on a path to personal excellence. I have become more energized, more positive, and confident. I am not yet at my final goal, but thanks to Kellie, I now have the tools and the belief I will that I will succeed.

Joy S.

I have been working with Kellie and her program. It has been the smartest change I could have made.

I have been a runner since I was 12 years old and have been competing in triathlons for the past five years. However, I felt tired all the time, I easily got sick. Through Kellie’s program I have much more energy.

If I had not tried Kellie, I would still be stuck in an endless cycle of getting nowhere and feeling sick and tired. I have found a new way to live, thanks Kellie.

Danielle H.


LifeFormation’s mission is to help you achieve greatness by showing you that nothing is impossible. We support and encourage you to reach for the stars and then keep reaching until achieving. Sometimes all you need is someone crazy enough to give you a hand that guides you and then shares the journey with you. LifeFormation coaches can be that helping hand.

Not only do we offer our clients knowledge, skills, and practical experience; we offer them passion, integrity, and commitment. We look at wellness from a holistic point-of-view by balancing healthy lifestyle choices, realistic goal setting, self care, nutrition, stress relief, and fitness in a realistic and effective manner. In order to accomplish our clients objectives, we work to encourage and empower them to release their self-imposed limitations and boundaries. Through education, we give our clients the tools needed to acquire the energy, strength, confidence, and courage to attain their goals. ¬†Clients learn realistic methods for adding fitness, nutrition, and stress relief techniques into their daily life. Creating new and healthy habits can seem extremely challenging when you are overwhelmed and feel as if you don’t know how to get started. This is where LifeFormation comes in. To acknowledge that there are areas in our lives in which we can excel is to fully realize the true potential that lurks in everyone of us.

Now, the only question is, what do you want to do?

Would you truly like to change what’s not working in your life? Are you stuck in unhealthy thought patterns regarding love, weight, and/or money? Maybe you want to get a better job or just get more focused at your current position? Do you know that there is so much potential for a more fulfilling lifestyle and what you’re doing is simply not getting you there?

Good news – you’re in the right place! So, in creating your best life, it is imperative that you have clear vision and goals for your future. Our LifeFormation coaches are here to help you set goals that are realistic, timely, and most importantly…obtainable. Initially you may choose to make some preliminary, seemingly simple adjustments to your lifestyle that may have profound effects. Ultimately you will discover a true sense of health, vitality, and wellbeing – increased strength and vigor, peace, calm, contentment, deep restful sleep, and the ability to manage stress. To attain these results, we break down the big picture into smaller, more manageable tasks that will create long lasting results over time.

You can change your life and our LifeFormation coaches are here to give you the tools to realize your true potential.

Do you find yourself dreaming of things you want to accomplish and never find the time to do them? Do you want to compete in a special event, run a marathon or finish an obstacle course? Maybe you just want to enjoy more time with family and friends or achieve a particular financial goal? Many of us have goals in mind, but we don’t know how to get started, create the time, find the effort or energy to achieve them.

LifeFormation can help. Our transformation coaches can work with you to create a road map to realizing your aspirations and help you make your dreams a reality. First, we discuss the how’s, why’s, and when’s of your specific aspiration. Next, we break down your aspiration into smaller more realistic and timely goals. Then, we review any obstacles or possible complications that could arise, and find practical solutions to keep you on track toward reaching your goals. This is your call into action. The time is now. So don’t miss a fantastic opportunity to release your true potential and be the best you can be!

Have you ever lost sight of your inner world; those things that bring you passion, happiness, and inspiration into your life? LifeFormation will help you hold true to those dreams, that spirit of creation and rekindle potential that is ready and waiting within you-ready for your personal transformation. We offer self care programs to those who want to truly become free from whatever is hindering growth in any area of their life. It’s about pushing past your limits and overcoming self imposed boundaries. Working with our LifeFormation coaches you’ll acquire the tools needed to find your passion and live fully into it. You will move into another dimension where you will be living your life out of creation rather than as a result of what has gone before. When you have insight into your outcomes, you can release the barriers that prohibit you from achieving them.

Do you want to tone up, shed a few pounds, feel stronger, think clearer, have more energy, and generally, be the best you can be? LifeFormation offers nutrition counseling and meal planning that will improve your overall fitness and wellness. We’ll instruct you in meal preparation, planning, and the nutritional value in balanced meals that work within your lifestyle and budget.

Are you motivated to reach your goals but need some accountability to make things happen? Maybe you have a goal in mind but can’t get out of your own way and take the next step to move towards your vision? That is where LifeFormation can help. We offer seminars on creating healthy lifestyle choices, attainable goals, self care, and nutrition consultation. Seminars can include goal setting, vision boards, meal planning, fitness programs, and stress management. Whether one-on-one or in a group setting, our seminars will give you the tools needed to succeed and to create lasting change that gives you the confidence to realize your goals.

Your time for a LifeFormation transformation is now.