Make Your Move…

“Motivate yourself. Are you using work, stress, life, the weather, or whatever reason for not moving – it’s time to stop. No more excuses. Do yourself a big favor and start moving today so you can continue to move tomorrow. Being sedentary increases your chances for coronary heart disease among other illnesses. 20 minutes of movement per day means you can live a healthy active life well into retirement. If that doesn’t motivate you, what will?”

Get Up and Move

Established habits are hard to break… It doesn’t take much to get up and move.
While it may seem unavoidable to spend so much time being sedentary there are little changes that you can make to counter the negative effects of being sedentary. This VOX link is an excellent post about the emerging science showing the dangers of sitting all day — and the health benefits of increasing the amount of time you spend standing or walking on a daily basis. Have a look, it’s a life changer.