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I have engaged Kellie to provide numerous classes and stress management during corporate learning days. She was wonderful to work with in planning and customizing sessions to meet our needs. The sessions were a hit! I look forward to bringing her (programs) back for future events at our office!

L. Rogers, PMP / Client Account Management (CAM) Program, PS Industry Leader

Our group is a mix of people from a wide geographic area with a range of sizes and physical abilities and (they) can use all the encouragement and information (Kellie) can provide. (Kellie’s) programs and services (are) amazing and really suited to our group!

R. Puffer MPH, RD / Bariatric Surgery Dietitian, UVA Health System, Morrison Management

Thank you for offering your time and expertise to our doTERRA group. I admire your passion and dedication in everything that you stand for in the wellness world. You wake up EVERYDAY with the purpose of improving someone else’s life by educating, guiding, and inspiring them along the way. With every step on a wellness journey we are faced with a victory or a temporary defeat. Your dedicated support celebrates BOTH! Your clients have already figured out how lucky they are to have you in their lives.

K. Mcbride / doTERRA

Are your employees ready for a career that inspires and fulfills them while giving them financial prosperity and freedom? Are they yearning for a successful profession filled with purpose, passion, and joy that empowers others and helps create a brighter future for our world? Are they dreaming about a calling that rejuvenates and enriches them on many levels, where they actually wake up excited about their work, rather than work that creates stress and fatigue in their life? Are they at an important juncture in their professional life or career? The real problem? Corporate wellness…it’s the catalyst to help bring new life into careers and professional practice.

Organizations look to use LifeFormation transformation coaching for a number of different reasons- to support learning, increase leadership capabilities, or provide customized and personalized executive development. Each aspect our transformation coaching promises great return on investment if clear guidelines are set, specific behaviors are identified, and their is organization support in place.

Today there is a trend in the way companies are approaching employee-based wellness programs. Namely, companies are taking employee wellness more seriously. They are trying to establish the correct solutions that combat rising morale and health issues that greatly effect healthcare costs. Unfortunately, too many companies implement wellness programs with no strategic plan for success. LifeFormation uses engagement, motivation, support, and focused strategies as keys to our successful programs. We find that if employees are not involved in the solution, it’s difficult to succeed. Preventable wellness is a lifestyle, behavior, and nutritional change. Change takes time and commitment. If you’re interested in producing extraordinary results in your business, then LifeFormation transformational coaching will enable you to produce what you truly desire and help you to identify and negotiate the barriers to your business’ success.

Would you like to change what’s not working in your business? To do so, it is imperative that you have clear vision and goals for your organization’s future. Our LifeFormation coaches are here to help you set goals that are realistic, timely, cost effective, and most importantly…obtainable. LifeFormation transformation coaching will assist you in transforming your business to give you the extraordinary results you desire. Our customized programs produce exceptional effectiveness for your team to work together and to obtain great results. You will have an organization that is a fun place to work, but with serious intent.

Corporate wellness programs shouldn’t be boring. It’s important to be imaginative in creating lifestyle changes for your employees that will in turn enhance their business productivity. Unique and dynamic transformation programs that evolve with time will ensure long term success. We as human beings need to be stimulated and challenged in numerous ways to spark change. The success of corporate wellness is driven by the unique strategy behind it. It involves a framework that outlines short and long-term goals for both the employee and the employer. At LifeFormation, our programs reflect the latest trends while incorporating traditional eastern practices. Our coaches are here to give you the tools to realize your organization’s true potential.

Is increased productivity in your organization imperative so you get more output and less input? At LifeFormation, our transformation coaches help your employees break down the large term goal of what it takes to achieve their desired task into smaller more manageable short term goals that result in reaching and eventually exceeding the long term goal.

Time management, team building, and stress relief are among the topics discussed and worked through during our goal setting seminars. We use short, effective workouts to help your employees understand how to make the most use of their time. Employees will be taught the value of focus, concentration, and diligence; which can be translated into your office environment. Specific challenges will be used to foster communication, leadership, and coordination skills with a partner or in group settings. This refines employees skills in the workplace. Through various stress reduction techniques such as deep breathing, yoga, and monthly chair massage, employees learn to manage their stress level throughout their day. Thus leading to a more focused, centered, and calm employee that will be better suited to face the multitude of daily challenges presented to them in the workplace.

With these programs, LifeFormation coaches will not only challenge your employees physically, but also mentally. Throughout the courses, they will refine their motor skills, increase mental clarity, take fewer days off due to illness, learn to problem solve, and produce spot on cost effective ideas which are easily implemented by your organization.

Working with LifeFormation, your organization can set itself apart from other business competitors by offering this unique benefit!

Are your employees reaching their maximum potential? LifeFormation transformation programs strive to stimulate employees not only physically but also psychologically by increasing business productivity, employee health, value, and company benefits. Possible fitness classes are generated to include specific challenges that are met personally, with a partner, or in a group setting. These training pathways show employees how to better manage their time, strengthen their team building skills, and expand their intra-social networks.

The term “employee engagement” is defined as the extent to which employees feel passionate and committed about their jobs. It implies a willingness to go above and beyond their assigned duties by helping others with heavy workloads, volunteering for additional duties, and researching ways to perform their job more effectively. Employees that are happy and fully-engaged at work lead to more productivity on the job. Our programs will ensure your employees reach their maximum potential. This type of satisfied worker builds new products and services, generates new ideas, creates new customers and drives profits.

Are your employees the best they can be? Americans have increasingly become more health conscious. But with longer working days, higher stress, and multitasking, it is sometimes impossible to maintain wellness goals.

Hosting a LifeFormation nutrition program at your business is important because the majority of your employees’ time is spent at the workplace. The introduction of a LifeFormation fitness and wellness program to your company can lower your health insurance costs. For every dollar a business invests in a wellness program, they usually get in return 2-3 dollars. This can be measured quantitatively and qualitatively. Reduced absence, fewer sick days, and lower health insurance are some of the benefits. Studies by the University of Michigan show that employers can save an average of:

  • $269 a year for every employee who becomes a fitness enthusiast
  • $1,200 a year on employees who reduce their cholesterol levels from 240 mg to 190 mg
  • $177 a year for every employee who goes from obesity (more than 30 lbs overweight) to their healthy weight

Obesity increases costs in the workplace. The annual per capita increase in medical expenditures and absenteeism associated with obesity ranges from $450 to $2,500 per obese employee. Employees who increased their activity levels from 0-1 times per week to more than 3 times per week reduced their medical claims by an average of $2,202 per year.

LifeFormation offers several tailored programs to suit your corporation’s culture, lifestyle, and demand. Fitness and wellness solutions can include the following:

  • Nutritional assessment and diet solutions
  • Group exercise classes and activities
  • Motivational and informational workshops and seminars related to wellness in the workplace, stress relief, exercise, and nutritional tips
  • Individual and/or team challenges
  • Frequent communication on health and wellness tips

Our employee wellness programs address this through education and accountability. Many chronic diseases are preventable. According to CDC, chronic diseases are accountable for 75% of healthcare costs. Chronic diseases are the most preventable type of disease. Such illnesses include heart disease, stroke, cancer, and obesity. The way to prevent disease is with actionable steps to stop progression. LifeFormation coaches know that old habits are years in the making and you cannot expect behavioral changes to occur immediately. Working together, progress is possible.

How can your organization benefit by using LifeFormation? At LifeFormation, our seminars’ goal is to create a culture that will balance work and health, improve productivity, morale, relieve stress, and encourage a healthier lifestyle. We educate your employees on how to incorporate small, consistent, healthy changes that become long term health habits. Inevitably these changes create a healthier more balanced lifestyle which in turn creates a happier, healthier, more confident and productive employee.

With LifeFormation transformational coaching your organization has the opportunity to break through the limits it has placed on its success, and achieve results way beyond what is now thought possible. You will be amazed at the rate at which transformation can be effected and at the long-lasting nature of these achievements. You will have the business you have always dreamt of!

Your time for a LifeFormation transformation is now.